Hi. I’m Mary Black.

My story is not one of a career politician, but instead the story of an activist, a community organizer, and someone who loves their city.

I moved to Raleigh in the summer of 2006. My mom, a public school teacher of 22 years, always wanted me to receive the best education possible. As an incoming 6th grader, I was nervous about the idea of restarting my life in a brand new school in a brand new city.

My nervousness quickly disappeared as I fell in love with Raleigh; the oak trees, the parks, the culture, and the people. This city has become my hometown and my favorite place in the world. As Raleigh grows and changes, I believe it can do so in a way that leaves no one behind. I want to create a Raleigh that works for everyone.

An Advocate, Not A Politician

Ever since I was young, I’ve always been passionate about our environment and its impact on our lives. Through climate volunteer work, I saw firsthand how environmental inequality impacts our most vulnerable communities.

That’s why I decided to get my Bachelor’s in Environmental Studies at NCA&T, the largest Historically Black University in the country. Fulfilling my mother’s hope of receiving a top-tier education, I returned to Raleigh to advocate for environmental justice and sustainable development.

I am currently serving on Raleigh’s Environmental Advisory Board and work full time as a climate educator with the Chisholm Legacy Project. The heart of my work is as an environmental liberator, a community advocate, and a climate storyteller. My work focuses on investing in the communities that suffer the most from the impacts of climate change.

A Bold Vision for a Sustainable Raleigh

Raleigh is one of the fastest growing cities in the South, and Wake County is the most populous county in North Carolina. Our city is at a pivotal moment in our history. We need to address housing, infrastructure, and environmental justice. And by doing this we will build a Raleigh that serves as a bold vision for communities around the world.

It’s time to grow our city through progress. We need young, visionary leadership for our city to thrive. But we will also ensure that all of our communities are prospering together.

The strength of Raleigh relies on our community. I believe my love for our city, our environment, and our people will be a catalyst for a thriving Raleigh.

Take Action

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